There are a multitude of things to do in Phuket!

Whether it’s a sunset-watching spot, a 360-degree panorama of the south of the island, a vista from the top of Big Buddha or a glimpse of the swathes of tropical lushness from the top of Phromthep Cape! it’s all within your grasp in minutes.

Phuket has views that would make a landscape painter rush out and buy an easel and brushes and the great thing is that you don’t have to trek halfway across the country to appreciate them. Whether it’s a sunset-watching spot, a 360-degree panorama of the south of the island, a vista from the top of Phuket Town or a glimpse of swathes of tropical lushness it’s all within your grasp in minutes. All you need is wheels.

It’s a matter of taste, of course, as some prefer the ‘outside-in’ aspect of viewing the island from a yacht or tour boat. Others prefer life way up in the clouds, looking down from on high while others favour the exact opposite. So let’s mix and match. Here are some of Phuket’s best viewpoints and alternate tour hot spots for you to check out.

Phuket is a beautiful island with great beaches. It is surrounded by some of the most scenic islands in the world, making it a great place to learn and practice the sport of diving, free diving, scuba diving, or even sailing there are so many different things to do in Phuket especially the south eastern corner of Chalong Bay, Rawai and Nai Harn.

Kata View Point

Whenever looking at any view it’s important to consider the lens which you’re looking through and a visit to Kata Viewpoint isn’t fullyPC appreciated unless it’s coupled with a Mai Tai from Kata Beach Pub, it isn’t just something to do in Phuket, it’s a way to ‘be’ in Phuket, and here’s why: Kata Beach Pub isn’t just a pub, it’s imagery and easy to get sentimental about. You get a view with flavour, smells with colour! It’s a menu where the flavours remind your taste palette that it has its own panorama, leaving your taste buds wondering what could be next. It’s one of the only views in Phuket which, when I think on it, reminds me of coriander and coconut. And that’s how this view is, it’s sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. But there are other senses it appeals to, for one, your sense of space, the service is quietly present but not intrusive, you’re a stranger there but somehow your Thai waiter makes it personal. Unlike other viewpoints, where crowds can be an issue, here’s a place which can not only handle a crowd, it thrives on it. Make sure you choose the pub which is the furthest east on the hill, as there are two to choose from. This pub has a totally different presence and is overall a better experience (from toilets to quality of drinks.)

(No Accessible Bathroom Facilities)

Phuket Big Buddha

Enjoy Big Buddha with our accessible tours

Visit the recently completed big Buddha on top of the Nak Kerd hills. There are stunning views here to the east, so take a map along so you know what you are looking at.Phuket has many Buddhist Temples known as Wats and visitors to Phuket are always welcome to visit them. We highly recommend this attraction with excellent accessible bathroom facilities click on this link to see

Elephant Shrine at Phromthep Cape

We highly recommend this attraction with excellent accessible bathroom facilities click on this link to see If there was a number onePC4 view for Things to do in Phuket which cater to the masses, this view would be it. Should you find crowds overwhelming in other sites this site gives you plenty of room to move away. Pick a shady spot on a fence over looking the sea, under a palm tree (not under a coconut tree, never under a coconut tree) and you’ll almost always find a cool breeze on a hot day.

Phuket Nightlife

For many the sun, the beach and partying fun goes hand in hand. Phuket has a reputation as one of the partying hotspot in Asia for Westerners and International revellers is well deserved. There are many places to go and see it all depends on your individual wants and needs on what to do after the sun goes down, and the day turns to night. Phuket has a variety of night activities to choose from, and it should more or less attract everyone, all from the more western entertainment styles in Patong beach, they even have an Aussie Bar (great to watch your favourite sporting team win) to the more exotic Asian style clubs in Phuket town.

There are Beer Bars, Go Go Bars, Cabaret Shows, Gay Bars, Lady Boys, Live Music Pubs, Shows, Thai Boxing, Traditional Nightclubs, and even night markets where you can buy great food, clothes, DVD’S and so on. Most shopping malls are opened late, this is a welcomed change to life back at home where shops seem to close right on six o’clock. l was even surprised when one night coming out of a nightclub late with family and friends we were so hungry we could buy anything we wanted too, fresh chicken skewers straight of a bbq cart, or even pizza, and Thai food any type of food you could imagine we did settle on this lovely restaurant were you could buy all the above. A lovely way to end a great night with family and friends.