Phuket Access Travel, Make Us Part of Your World!

Phuket Access Travel is the brainchild of two very humble guys who have both been directly affected by disability and throughout their own travels have witnessed first hand the challenges associated with finding suitable Disabled Transport abroad.

‘Disabled Holidays’ is a phrase that is unfortunately thrown around far to often these days, sometimes with little regard for the importance it demands. Your peace of mind is the reason that Phuket Access Travel & Disabled Holidays Phuket was created in the first place.

Phuket Access Travel has been designed to offer Disabled people from around the world genuine wheelchair accessible transport that will give them the opportunity to experience places they never thought possible.


What you see here at Phuket Access travel is an honest evaluation of each holiday destination, from basic accessibility right through to fully equipped accommodation & for those of us who require more assistance Phuket Access Travel has it covered.

Here at Phuket Access Travel we want to give you the reassurance that every aspect of your holiday is taken care of, we want you to have the freedom to explore the world your way to have the holiday that we all deserve!